Premium Lockhart

Tifa’s sisterly qualities set her beyond her peers as a responsible young woman, despite her tender age. However, she's still got a strong demeanour of youth, oft strung by a stubborn will when challenged, which is clearly echoed in her dedication to the martial arts; a path much more arduous and taxing than the use of a material weapon. With alot of spunk, Tifa is sure to keep on the good side of people, even if it means sacrificing her own happiness.

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Tifa scuffled through halls of SE High, having a sense of awe and sickness roiling in her stomach. She had always attended her small village school in Nibelheim, and even then, the most work she did was basic math and literature, returning home to study while working as whatever she needed to sustain the family. It was a hard-living, but one she enjoyed as her feet kicked the sandy earth on the path to Mt Nibel. Here, it was a grand place, and from what she knew, a more academic aspiring lifestyle, one she wasn’t sure she could adjust to. She brushed back her hair, and pulled her bag tighter upon her shoulder, as she pondered the possibilities. She shrugged to herself, knowing her life goals were as open as the ocean on the edge of the Nibel plains.

The young women turned another corner, and was faced with another long stretch. She let out a sigh, and leaned upon one of the lockers. “Sheesh, this maze business ain’t for a country girl like you huh?”

Maybe I should’ve waited till summer was over, when people were in…